embedded in a sentence

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In the meantime, AMC’s new behind-the-scenes video is embedded below.

And once established, such standards have a way of becoming embedded.

You seriously have to check out this great video, which is embedded below.

A previous strike in April (see embedded video) caused widespread disruption.

So there’s a lot of volatility here that’s embedded in the crisis, Weiss said.

It is used in all embedded video on The Seattle Times as well as outside sites.

It is impossible to eliminate self-interest, which is embedded in human nature.

Security features include turning that photo into an embedded holographic image.

embedded in the bill is the removal of a four-decade-old ban on U.S. oil exports.

We won’t spoil it for you – the relevant part of the interview is embedded below.

Beneath the screen lies an oblong home button with an embedded fingerprint scanner.

In addition, the security code embedded in the card product would need to be verified.

A “privacy manager” will let consumers opt out of embedded connections to third-party websites.

How our government communicates during difficult times should be embedded in our public policy.

Our analysis found $1.5 trillion dollars in embedded leverage in bond funds through derivatives.

Both application processors will be showcased at embedded World 2015 today in Nuremberg, Germany.

Doctor’s take: Dr. Michelle Jamison is a medical resident embedded with the ABC News Medical Unit.

A line of rain with embedded gusty storms could even extend as far north as the lower Great Lakes.

Look for links to petitions, pledges, and other social actions embedded throughout these news iteMs.
Thus, it recommends that disaster risk reduction and management be embedded into the business sector.

By the sixties, it had made its way to the West, where it became embedded in the era’s counterculture.

The concept of justice has to remain embedded in spite of adversities .

Ageism is embedded in our attitudes and social structures.

The speech acquired its name from a now-famous quotation embedded in it.

A small archipelago is embedded by the Sihanoukville Bahia off its south and west coast.

The park, opened 2009, is embedded with a one-mile run called the Terry Fox Miracle Mile.

Salameh was alive but mortally wounded, having a piece of steel metal shrapnel embedded in his head.

The Kilfenora Cross, embedded in the walls of the Gothic cathedral in the 1930s, is once again free-standing.

The dresses were shaped as snowy mountain tops, complete with pine trees and small houses lit up by embedded lights.

The Gross-Siebert mirror construction generalizes this to non-embedded cases by looking at degenerating families of Calabi-Yau manifolds.

Pervasive devices may range from sensors and actuators, to mobile phones, embedded systems on vehicles, or laptops and full scale computers.

The name SpeechWorks was reincarnated as the brand name for all of ScanSoft’s networked and embedded speech solutions until the merger with Nuance.

A high level of security is realized by using two-factor authentication (2FA), such as a challenge-response token based on the chip embedded in the debit card or ATM card.

Common Lisp is a general-purpose programming language, in contrast to Lisp variants such as Emacs Lisp and AutoLISP which are embedded extension languages in particular products.

A. sexdens larvae grow embedded in the fungal garden.

There are embedded infrared sources within the complex.

Dr Michael (WVU) found a few bodies with arrowheads embedded within.

Troja: embedded im Troianischen Krieg (Troy: embedded in the Trojan War).

By being fully embedded the energy produced is transferred to the ceramic material.

UML can be used for specification, design and implementation of modern embedded systems.

Dr Sunic traced the lexical manipulations embedded in the German, and French criminal code.

Exploring embedded guidance and self-efficacy in educational multi-user virtual environments.

This includes old pre-1990 machines along with modern embedded systems using text-only displays.

Many cards are based on players’ ideas from Wizard board, where selected user name is embedded in the card.

An onscreen, virtual keyboard is embedded in the code and can be made available through a third party patch.

SPUFI allows direct input of SQL commands in the TSO environment, rather than having them embedded within a program.

These special chlorophyll molecules embedded in PS II absorb the energy of photons, with maximal absorption at 680 nm.

An embedded BBC news crew filmed an air-to-ground fratricide event on April 6 in conjunction to this combat operation.

MPPAs are based on a software parallel programming model for developing high-performance embedded system applications.

Some social units Any such list will be inherently culturally and temporally embedded, and hence problematic to order.

The RM7000 was one of the first microprocessors to do so, especially within the embedded microprocessor market segment.

Music is rather inextricably embedded in our form of life, a form of life that is, as it happens, essentially linguistic.

As an embedded protocol the ICCP management tools and interfaces are all part of the complete suite of tools for the SCADA.

The arc reactor is also used to power the electromagnet that protects Stark’s heart from the shrapnel embedded in his chest.

This closed-circuit television footage of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh ‘s assassin is embedded in the minds of the Swedish people.

All allocation blocks in the HFS volume which contain the embedded volume are mapped out of the HFS allocation file as bad blocks.

CyaSSL (or yet another SSL) is a small, portable, embedded SSL programming library targeted for use by embedded systems developers.

Louise and Marcus ran to get help, and returned to find Anthony almost dead and bleeding profusely with an axe embedded in his head.

The same group of scientists later revised that finding and argue in favour of a superluminal bulk movement in which the jet is embedded.

An accomplished composer for television and films, Khalil’s many contributions to music have embedded themselves in the Pakistani psyche.

In 2003, a 5,120±25-year-old bison skull was found on the banks of the Arkansas River with a Calf Creek culture spearhead embedded in it.

This process has been shown to produce silver particles embedded in glass, polyurethane, silicone, polyethylene, and polymethylmethacrylate.

Logographic cues are visual images embedded with specific, widely understood meaning; they are pictures that represent certain words or concepts.

For example, embedded control systems require fast and reliable design of new original applications for controlling unique objects and processes.

When using cable operator VoIP, a combined customer premises equipment device known as an embedded multimedia terminal adapter (E-MTA) will often be used.

The package includes a User’s Guide, example photos with embedded XMP information, the specification document, and an implementation guide for developers.

Peripheral emulation services embedded in the hardware also provides continuous support where computers require constant communication with the peripherals.

The RMIT researchers also embedded the project’s development, themes, and artworks into their academic studies towards their Masters and PhD qualifications.

A bearded figure (Tarchon?) bends over as though listening at the head or head and torso of another, beardless figure embedded in or arising from the ground.

Enhanced Write Filter (or EWF) is a component of Windows XP embedded which filters writes to another medium instead of being physically written to the volume itself.

This album was also released as a “picture disc”, a vinyl album with the entire front cover picture embedded instead of the standard label/black vinyl configuration.

Some works, such as Wait A Minute, show them talking in groups, and are characterized by intricate detail of symbols embedded in their clothing or the canvas background.

Europe The European teletext systems are the source for closed captioning signals, thus when teletext is embedded into DVB-T or DVB-S the closed captioning signal is included.

PC/104 is intended for embedded computing environments.

This embedded chunklet is within the “for x to intCounter” chunklet.

Small impurities protrude, caused by embedded quartz partially fired.

Rugged and submersible design, optional microphone with embedded GPS.

The Pirinolas cave has an internal complex, which seems embedded in the cave.

The videos have an installer embedded within them for the Zango Cash Toolbar.

The following is a more subtle version of the fallacy embedded into conversation.

In embedded microprocessors, they can also correspond to specialized hardware elements.

Only in 1948 did he prove that complete algebraic groups can be embedded into projective space.

The deep blue hexagonal wainscot tiles are somewhat less intricate, with traces of gold embedded.

Firmware is also a relative term, as most embedded devices contain firmware at more than one level.

The name ‘The Rejects’ was too deeply embedded in what Wizard regarded as “the new conformity of Punk”.

Ms. Astro Chicken Ms. Astro Chicken: Flight of the Pullet is a computer game embedded within Space Quest IV.

The early space craft had a coating of glass embedded with synthetic resin and put in very high temperatures.

The bomb proved extremely difficult to defuse as it had embedded itself at an extreme angle in the main deck.

Background Presently most mechanical and electrical systems are provided with embedded digital controls (DDC).

These embedded devices are also called The Internet of Things and are low-power, battery-operated embedded systems.

These include ceramic coffee cups embedded in a wall, circa 1929 newspapers, construction lighting and scaffolding.

On embedded systems, the real-time execution of instructions is expected from the low-level embedded operating system.

“A pluralist world view is therefore embedded in the fundamental conception of the unit of analysis and its properties.

Bogacki and Shampine argue that their method outperforms other third-order methods with an embedded method of order two.

The cylinders were made of KS (Kolbenschmidt) iron cylinder walls and were embedded in the Silumin alloy engine housing.

Similar surveys are available for European regions where mystery shopping is becoming more embedded into company procedures.

A DivX file of the colorized version with the commentary embedded is available as part of Nelson’s RiffTrax On Demand service.

The grès vosgien, (a French name for a Triassic rose sandstone) are embedded sometimes up to more than 500 metres in thickness.

Giorgio Vasari ‘s brief notes on Pagno di Lapo were added to the second edition of his Lives, embedded in his discussion of Micheozzo.

Design Magnetic-coded technology utilizes multiple pairs of magnetic pins with opposing poles that are embedded inside keys and plugs.

The vessels collided nearly head on, and as a result, the port anchor of Capricorn became embedded in the port side of the Blackthorn.

Punky’s were small, oval in shape, and had a somewhat rough texture, with some slightly larger sugar crystals embedded in the candies.

Such commodious quarters might exist higher in the White Mountains, but these were simply rough bunkers embedded deep into the mountain.

New clumps of Burma reed emerge from rhizomes that may be embedded in sand, soil, or rubble.

The base of stone is surrounded by deeply embedded stones and this may mark the grave itself.

While grinding a blade, a piece of metal embedded in the wheel and caused the wheel to explode.

Summary Jervis Inlet and Princess Louisa Inlet embedded in the Coast Range of British Columbia.

“Shock wave cancellation by Lorentz forces action around a model embedded in a supersonic flow”.

Gróa’s spell miscarried and the pieces of whetstone remained permanently embedded in Thor’s head.

This was unfeasible because the tunnel is embedded in bedrock, and the target is above sea level.

Hair becomes embedded in the wax as it cools and then quickly pulled off by a cloth or paper strip.

They have an HNRNPK homology (KH) domain embedded in a 200-amino acid region called the GSG domain.

The ribonucleoprotein is embedded in a matrix, formed by the major (VP40) and minor (VP24) matrix proteins.

Kinoma Media embedded is a streaming-only version of their retail product, and is included with every Treo.

The ‘free trial version’ of PTgui is fully functional but creates panoramas with embedded visible watermarks.

This is useful in a number of situations: * embedded computers where a device has extremely limited resources.

For a simplicial complex embedded in a k-dimensional space, the k-faces are sometimes referred to as its cells.

Linksys and Trend Micro now compete directly with Spam Cube for market share in the embedded device SaaS market.

FreeDOS Kernel – An MS-DOS Emulator for Platform Independence & embedded System Development – Master OS Development.

The gene for factor VIII presents an interesting primary structure, as another gene is embedded in one of its introns.

The company has also developed a microRNA extraction protocol from Formalin Fixed Paraffin embedded, or FFPE, samples.

VSM – Virtual System Modelling lets cosimulate embedded software for popular micro-controllers alongside hardware design.

Diamonds are embedded in drill tips or saw blades, or ground into a powder for use in grinding and polishing applications.

WINS networks provide sensing, local control, and embedded intelligent systems in structures, materials, and environments.

Genome-wide copy number and LOH status can be assessed with virtual karyotyping of tumor cells (fresh or paraffin-embedded).

Twidgets A twango twidget is an embedded snippet of code (currently Flash or Javascript ) that can be added to a user’s blog.

Mercury Instruments, Inc. provides high-performance embedded, real-time data processing, communication and storage solutions.

CardTrick later evolved into the embedded flash memory manager FlashFX in 1995, moving Datalight into the raw flash memory market.

JSD is most readily applicable to information systems, but it can easily be extended to the development of real-time embedded systems.

In his historical investigations he found truth to be something that was itself a part of, or embedded within, a given power structure.

Tripoli City Rugby League Club is one of his many successful projects, having become embedded into the community and changing many lives.

“The discovery of new embedded sources in the centrally condensed core of the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud – The formation of a bound cluster”.

The Sam460ex mainboard (complete with AMCC 460ex SoC, PowerPC 440 core) is an embedded motherboard launched by Acube Systems in April 2010.

DP is typically accomplished by spanwise distribution of partially or fully embedded multiple small engines or fans across the width of wing.

The sidewalk through the garden is embedded with bronze plaques commemorating various branches of service, specific units, and historical events.

Plaza designers, the Clark Enersen Partners **, splashed a water theme everywhere–from multilevel water features to colored wave embedded pavement.

Social process For every individual, the social context in which he’s embedded provides the symbols of his representation and linguistic expression.

The PG course M.Tech in VLSI Design and embedded System was started in 2003 with an intake of 18. Prof G. V. Jayaramaiah is the head of the department.

The GP2 will also be in the same base as Lotus Racing and Caterham Team AirAsia will be embedded inside the base and the two teams will share resources.

Since Diffusion map gives a global description of the data-set, it can measure the distances between pair of sample points in the manifold the data is embedded.

The Wi-Fi was also upgraded to support WPA encryption, and now uses a cheaper SoftMAC card instead of the BenQ device which embedded its own 802.11 protocol stack.

Under a consumption-based accounting of emissions, embedded emissions on imported goods are attributed to the importing country, rather than the exporting, country.

In 1945-46, his next exposure to numismatics was a friend’s home in which a dozen or more Indian pennies were embedded face-up in a concrete walk near the front door.

SIR-2 will attempt to improve this, mainly by using a detector with an embedded thermoelectric cooler and a digital controller to keep the detector temperature stable.

The NPI contains no embedded intelligence; that is, it contains no information about the health care provider, such as the type or location of the health care provider.

And the fourth camera was embedded in the seating area.
A few weeks ago a mod called “Angry Planes” was found to have embedded malware.
AP also reported that a number of companies had embedded connections on HealthCare.
At night, LED lights embedded in thick ice will make the castle glow with vibrant colours.
A “privacy manager” will let consumers opt out of embedded connections to third-party websites.
A line of rain with embedded gusty storms could even extend as far north as the lower Great Lakes.
Ana’s moisture will become embedded with moisture from the front in the form of showers and thunderstorms.
After the attack, Kenyatta warned that the terrorists were “deeply embedded” inside Kenya, not just Somalia.
Alongside a campaign message firmly embedded in the minds of voters before they head to the polls in October.
And we can do that without tracking you, because your location is kind of embedded in the request you make to us.
A quartet of Saturn’s moons, from tiny to huge, surround and are embedded within the planet’s rings in this Cassini composition.
An injured bird arrived at the institute that had been entangled in fishing line with three different hooks embedded in its wing.
An unprovoked attack by Callum Walters earlier this year left Nestor De Barros with the solid steel object embedded into his cheek.
And we want to exceed those expectations, and frankly, if it’s on a Cadillac, they’re going to expect an embedded navigation option.
A “privacy manager” will let consumers opt out of embedded connections to third-party advertising, analytics and social media sites.
And, while U.S. banks are now issuing cards embedded with chips, most are keeping the magnetic stripe so they can be used either way.
Analyst firm Gartner expects there will be five billion connected ‘things’ – small devices with embedded systems – deployed this year.
August 20, 2015 A marker embedded in the pavement shows the border between the United States and Mexico at California’s San Ysidro checkpoint.
A matrix is the tissue in which more specialised cells are embedded, and a stripped, neutral matrix can be populated with cells from the patient.
Aid recipients are given ID cards with biometric data embedded to record receipt, cutting down on fraud and lessening duplication of aid delivery.
About 20 personnel, including three pilots, have been embedded with other coalition nations’ forces, including the US and Canada, the BBC understands.
And chiton shells could provide a basis for creating self-monitoring materials, such as walls embedded with sensors that would detect cracks, Li said.
As a non-political outsider with a clean record, Nikoloudis is a popular appointment among Greeks who believe corruption is deeply embedded in society.
Arguably nothing he’s done has meant more to Lego than sponsoring the research teams that embedded with families to understand how Lego kids live and play.
An independent tech expert said Saturday that a new analysis by his firm also found a sharp drop in the number of embedded connections to outside companies.
A video composite of images (embedded after the break) takes us flying over a canyon NASA says is four times as long as the Grand Canyon, and twice as deep.
Although Reda was arrested, his handler remains at large, suggesting that Reda might have been sent from Syria to join an already embedded cell within Paris.
A mini-contact form is embedded throughout the site, and information about the free consultation offered by the firm appears prominently at the top of every page.
At first, premiums could rise because the price of self-driving cars will be high due to the cost of embedded technologies and repairs, insurer Nationwide told AFP.
After playing the trailer once more in the large arena, Hamill marveled that there is “so much information there for you to speculate about” embedded in the footage.
A strong cultural norm in the hospital to report for work unless one is extremely ill, such as “physicians do not take days off,” which is embedded in their identity.
Although its use is discouraged and it is banned in 54 countries, it is a legacy toxic embedded into many older buildings in the U.S. and some uses are still legal here.
5 things you’re doing wrong with your fitness tracker These are the smart health and fitness products of the future (pictures) All the electronics are embedded in the handles.
“Although in some ways I do stand out, such as the hijab I wear on my head, the head covering, there’s still so many ways I feel so embedded in the fabric that is our culture.
Because the software framework in question is used for processing all types of media content, handsets can even be infected upon landing on a webpage with embedded video content.
After initial testing, the team concluded that “the positive results indicate that 3D devices with embedded metallic components can open up a new class of applications in devices.”