encounter in a sentence

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Learn how to use encounter in a sentence – Example sentences:

Tomorrow we will encounter the enemy.

His encounter with her is enriching his inner life.

She gave me a humorous account of her encounter with him.

Travelling allows you to encounter new ideas, and new ways of living.

In our lives, we all encounter stress and difficulties which we must overcome.

Honesty is a virtue one does not always encounter in the world of big business.

In the year 1513, Balboa became the first European to encounter the Pacific Ocean.

If you encounter a bear while hiking, the best thing to do is to back away quietly.

For most children, enrolling in school is their first encounter with a formal institution.

Wind tunnels simulate the conditions a vehicle will encounter when it moves through the air.

A fatal encounter with a grizzly bear has left one man in hospital, and another man dead this morning.

Treasure every encounter with others because you never know if you’ll meet a person just once in your lifetime.

As you wander down the beach, you encounter different tiny ecosystems, each with its own plant and animal life.

Whenever you read a scientific or technical text in English, you will probably encounter many words you do not know.

Averil Coxhead has noted that second language students need to read a lot so they encounter new words many times in context.

Travis Walton’s book about his encounter with a UFO in Arizona in 1975 became the subject of a Hollywood movie called “Fire in the Sky.

“William Nagy has stated that a single encounter with new vocabulary is not enough to lead to any great depth of word knowledge.

encourageLaurence Perrine once observed that, like a symphony by Beethoven, a good story should be as good or better on a second or third encounter.

Politician Daniel Moynihan once suggested that the single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence because it’s so rare.

Recent research into language learning demonstrates that when learners encounter words in a variety of contexts they are able to retain and use them flexibly.

retaliateAlbert Schweitzer once noted that in everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.

It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.

Many second language learners find it useful to keep track of their learning successes and difficulties by keeping a diary to record strategies and problems they encounter during their studies.

The great Indian chief Geronimo once remarked, “I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun.

I was born where there were no enclosures.

” encounterThe dash cam video provides a more complete picture of the encounter.

Voegele won their only previous encounter in Shenzhen, China, in 2013.

The innocence you initially encounter disappears after the first note.

Would you at any time encounter any web browser compatibility issues..

They immediately encounter low ceilings and dimly lit, narrow hallways.

His role in this encounter is to assist his brother in this, Mato said.

Any environment purged of all social challenges the 1% might encounter.

The Texas officer “seems to be escalating,” the encounter, Jackson said.

The authorities and politicians will encounter significant difficulties.

Most Americans don’t encounter poetry in the course of their daily lives.

That was her first encounter with technology, and she was fascinated by it.

We were in the pre-viral age, but this encounter ricocheted around the world.

898760We are ‘go’ for the best of our planned Pluto encounter trajectories.”

The images from the close encounter will be released on July 15 at 3 p.m. ET.

904241We don’t see much courtesy or protection going on in that encounter.”””

Perhaps it is going to be more Instagram than substantial encounter,” he adds.

The man wasn’t the only person to blame for the encounter, park officials said.

The encounter shows how Miller managed to keep avoiding capture over the years.

The encounter was highly anticipated at the summit — the first to include Cuba.

“This is the first encounter between the MILF and (government forces) this year.

832957They prepare students for what they’ll encounter at the university level.”””

693979The chance encounter sparked a nationwide debate over U.S. immigration laws.

New Jersey police officers shot Kamal 13 times during an encounter in November 2013.

TVs aren’t the only electronics product where you’re likely to encounter a derivative.

The Kurdish fighters believe they will encounter hundreds of landmines and booby traps.

You might not know ahead of time when you’ll encounter a scene lending itself to video.

Van Dyke’s attorney says his client feared for his life in his encounter with McDonald.

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