encounters in a sentence

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Learn how to use encounters in a sentence – Example sentences:

We have had a number of encounters with bears while hiking in the woods.

The early settler’s diary speaks of their encounters with the noble savages who inhabited the area.

I’m tired of the superficial encounters one has with the opposite sex in nightclubs, I want a real, meaningful relationship.

superior403991It’s a ceaseless source of exciting and serendipitous encounters.

In 2014, there were six shark encounters, but three involved no injuries.

A French farm girl encounters two lost soldiers, a German and an American.

Yet last year’s decline may also reflect fewer chance encounters, he added.

It defined “close encounters” as drones coming within 500 feet of aircraft.

The Capitals have taken eight of their last nine encounters with the Oilers.

The London club has won each the last three encounters, all by a single goal.

“We don’t have a larger picture of what’s happening in these force encounters.

Eugene Police said these types of encounters with strangers are extremely rare.

When VBA encounters that break point, it stops and turns flow control over to you.

Assange has always denied the allegations, and says the encounters were consensual.

‘There’s the sexy atmosphere and ambience which allows some off-festival encounters.’

Rosaries are frequent gifts the pope gives to anyone he has scheduled encounters with.

But DHEC recommends any animal that has frequent encounters with humans to be vaccinated.

A group of lemurs encounters a unusual roadblock on the way to their feeding den: a turtle.

When Laura Poitras asked me if she could film our encounters, I was extremely reluctant, he said.

Encounters such as this have taken place previously Washington (CNN)”Good morning, American pilots.

He was a lifelong believer in the occult and claimed to have personal encounters with the paranormal.

In her first sworn statement to the court, Jane Doe No. 3 gave more details of the alleged encounters.

35042Along the way, he encounters crazy cabbies, redneck truck drivers, and oversexed bus passengers.

She has been pursuing it for a while and finally encounters him in Japan and ran afoul of Miyu and Larva.

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