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Car accidents are the leading cause of death among young people in this countryPlease report any accidents immediately to the office.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death among young people in this country.

Shirley broke her neck and a couple of ribs in a terrible car accident, but luckily didn't die.

I accidentally deleted some files on my computer, so now I have to start my essay all over again.

Your mother accidentally read a bit of a letter you received because she opened it without looking at the name on the envelope.

Three workers were killed today in an accidental blast at a downtown construction site.

More than 50 percent of all accidental deaths in the U.S. are a result of car crashes.

Millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who hide nuts and seeds and then forget where they buried them.

In 1984, more than 2,000 people were killed by poison gas in Bhopal, India in the world's worst industrial accident.

In 1986, there was a serious accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

In 1908, Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge became the first person ever killed in an airplane accident.

Almost fifty percent of deaths among young people in this country are a result of external causes, usually car accidents.

A Chinese proverb suggests that an accidental meeting is more pleasant than a planned one.

A Turkish proverb remarks that when a rich man falls they say it was an accident; when a poor man falls they say that he was drunk.

She got pregnant by accident, and wasn't ready to have a baby, so she decided to have an abortion.

My daughter accidentally added salt instead of sugar to the ingredients when she was making a cake, and it tasted terrible.

A young boy was accidentally shot by police after aiming a toy gun at an officer.

Nina told us a funny story about how she met her boyfriend by accident when she spilled coffee on him in the cafeteria.

The accident occurred around 3:00 in the morning.

No one was killed in the train accident, but a lot of passengers were injured.

A weight lifter crushed a couple of his toes at the gym today when he accidentally dropped some weights on his foot.

A young teenager received serious burns to his hands and arms after a fireworks accident over the weekend.

He said it was an accident, but I think he did it on purpose.

Football coach Chuck Knox once said, Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.

Discussion question: Describe an accident you have had.

Find someone who has been in a car accident.

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