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The acid in the solution turned our blue litmus paper redWe used the acid from our chemistry experiments in high school to burn holes in our books.

The acid in the solution turned our blue litmus paper red.

The chair was put in a mild acid bath to remove the paint.

I've heard that you can have a tattoo removed using a kind of acid on the skin.

The acid in vinegar hurts my teeth if I have too much of it.

I need something to neutralize the acid in my stomach.

The level of acidity in our rainwater has caused concern among environmentalists.

Acid rain has killed thousands of trees in our forests.

The fruit was a little old and was starting to taste somewhat acidic.

Her acid comments regarding his presentation really hurt his feelings.

You will never be an actor, he said acidly. You simply don't have the talent.

They dropped a couple of hits of acid and ran around the park screaming and laughing all night.

Some guy tried to sell us some acid outside the nightclub, but we told him to get lost.

The soil is quite acidic, so you should add some lime to it.

The addition of lime to the soil will help to reduce acidity.

I'm sure you will do your best, he said acidly. Unfortunately, your best is usually not quite good enough.

He took some acid and then sat and stared at the sky all afternoon.

Henry Ward Beecher once noted that fear secretes acids, but love and trust are sweet juices.

Ugo Betti once observed that memories are like stones; time and distance erode them like acid.

Pierre Trudeau once exclaimed, Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain.

Timothy Leary once said, There are three side effects of acid. Enhanced long term memory, decreased short term memory, and I forget the third.

Diamonds do not dissolve in acid; the only thing that can destroy them is intense heat.

When an onion is cut, it releases a gas which forms a weak acid which irritates the eye and makes people form tears.

Our stomach has a thick lining which protects us from the burning acids used to digest food.

Citrus fruits are good for raising the acidity level of a garden compost.

Find someone who has done a chemistry experiment using some kind of acid.

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