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The road to the forest was blockaded by activists trying to stop the logging company from cutting down the centuries-old treesThe kids must be really hungry; they've been active all day with one thing or another.

The road to the forest was blockaded by activists trying to stop the logging company from cutting down the centuries-old trees.

Political activism in this state has increased since the environmental organization Greenpeace exposed the terrible logging practices of the large forest companies .

The activities of the Communist Party were closely watched by the police.

Please don't forget to activate the alarm when you are closing up the store.

Lawyer Ralph Nader has been active in the fight for consumer rights for the last 40 or more years.

The environmental activist lay down on the ground in front of the big truck to stop the logging company from cutting down the old trees.

Her brother was killed while on active duty in the Pacific conflict.

He is out of shape simply due to inactivity and poor eating habits.

Our cat has been quite inactive since it broke its paw, and is starting to put on weight.

Their son is somewhat hyperactive, so they have enrolled him in a yoga class to see if that will help him to calm down.

The daycare center has planned a number of special activities for the children to celebrate the nation's birthday this year.

Canadian scientist David Suzuki has been very active in the fight against the spread of salmon farming on the West Coast.

Animal rights activists have been targeting major department stores for selling furs.

Human rights activists in that country are routinely imprisoned by the government.

My grandmother has been actively involved with the church all her life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed that the one thing in the world of value is the active soul.

There is a Cambodian proverb which observes that active hands equal full bellies.

Both male and female birds usually take an active part in raising their chicks.

Most active volcanoes are found on the ocean floor.

Your brain is more active while you are sleeping than while you are watching television.

The international environmental organization Greenpeace was founded by three Canadian activists in 1970.

A recent study shows that the most active people have 25 percent fewer colds over a year compared to the least active.

The murder investigation has been reactivated now that technology permits the examination of DNA evidence.

Greg is an activist in our union; he is always volunteering to take on new obligations such as heading the bargaining committee.

Discussion question: Is it important to you to stay active and healthy in your life, and if so, how do you do it?

Find someone who practices regular physical activity.

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