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A career in administration is a good choice for Yoko because she is so organized, and has strong leadership skillsThe administration has decided that the only way to cut costs is by reducing the number of employees.

A career in administration is a good choice for Yoko because she is so organized, and has strong leadership skills.

She hopes to study Business Administration so she can take over her father's company when he retires.

The teacher's assistant will administer the test, but it will be marked by the teacher himself.

The administrative offices for all second-language programs can be found in the University Center.

The company's admin staff are meeting in an effort to improve efficiency in the office.

An administrator needs to have good communication skills in order to do her job well.

In the ancient Minoan Empire, trade, industry and justice were all administered from the palace at Knossos.

Clark Kerr once said that the three major administrative problems on a campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.

Former attorney general Ramsey Clark once stated that it is the poor, the weak, the ignorant, the hated who are executed; racial discrimination occurs in the administration of capital punishment.

The English Language Center administers a number of different long-term and short-term programs at the university.

Colombo was the capital of the foreign colonial administrations in the country now known as Sri Lanka.

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa.

This medicine should be administered only under the supervision of a doctor.

The tests were administered by the professor's assistant.

Almost 25 million pounds of antibiotics and related drugs are administered to farm animals in the U.S. every year in order to boost growth rates and prevent disease.

During the experiment, the drug was administered to a monkey, and the results were studied.

To test if experimental drugs work, animals are given a certain illness, and the drug is then administered, and the effects studied.

The cream should be administered to the affected area twice daily.

N'Djamena, the capital city of Chad, is divided into two sections; the European or administrative section, and the bigger, more lively African section.

London's Buckingham Palace is used not only as the home of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, but also for the administrative work for the monarchy.

The Cayman Islands have been administered by Jamaica since 1863.

It seems to me that the administrators here don't always understand the needs and concerns of the average worker in this company.

The director of the English Language Program administrates a number of different long-term and short-term programs which run throughout the year.

It is administratively inefficient to have two people running these programs when it could be done by one person working with a part-time assistant.

Find someone who has worked in administration.

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