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They decided to adopt a child after they realized they weren't able to have one of their ownProfits in our company have risen by over 12 percent since we adopted our new sales strategy.

They decided to adopt a child after they realized they weren't able to have one of their own.

After many years of refusing pets in our apartment building, the management finally decided to adopt a new policy, and allow residents to have small animals.

The young girl became pregnant by mistake and decided to give her baby up for adoption.

I love my adoptive parents more than anyone in the world, but I would like to meet my birth parents one day.

The young girl decided to give her newborn baby up for adoption because she knew she couldn't take care of it herself.

Her parents told her that she was adopted when she was about 5 years old. Now she wants to meet her birth mom.

It's pretty funny when people say I look like my dad because actually I was adopted.

The fact that unmarried women who bear children are now more likely to keep them has resulted in a shortage of adoptable babies.

News of the abandonment of a mother dog and her six puppies in a municipal park resulted in a number of calls to the newspaper from people hoping to adopt the animals.

Bertrand Russell once suggested that religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence; it will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines.

Vampire bats adopt baby bats who have no parents, and have been known to risk their lives to share food with other bats.

The World Wildlife Fund has begun an 'adopt a polar bear' campaign, wherein people contribute money to protect their natural environment, and in return, receive posters and pictures of the beautiful animals.

It is usually observed that children of immigrants learn to speak the language of their adopted country without an accent, whereas the parents rarely do so.

Scotland gradually adopted the English language, even though it was frequently at war with England throughout its history.

The Finnish flag is a blue cross on a white background, and was adopted in 1918.

A Chinese proverb states, If an enemy is annoying you by playing well, consider adopting his strategy.

Discussion question: If you were adopted, would you want to meet your birth parents, and why?

Discussion question: Do you think a person who is adopted should be able to know the identity of his birth parents even if they didn't want to reveal that information?

Find someone who knows someone who was adopted.

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