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In 1971, Canada had 68 universities, 16 of which were affiliated with another Canadian universityOur university is now affiliated with a number of post-secondary institutions overseas.

In 1971, Canada had 68 universities, 16 of which were affiliated with another Canadian university.

A recent study suggests that people with formal religious affiliation are more anxious than others.

Affiliation with religious groups has been widespread in this country since its founding.

Many of the country's labor unions are affiliated with the left-wing political party.

A study of those who claimed they had no religion found that one third had relinquished their unaffiliated status within ten years.

A study of people who were formerly non-religious but later reaffiliated found that is was done out of the need for rites of passage for events such as marriage, baptism of children, or death.

We support this charitable organization because it is not affiliated with any religious group.

The Esso gas stations in Canada are simply foreign affiliates of the Exxon Corporation.

Matt has been signed as an affiliate to a hockey team here in the city but has only played a couple of games as of yet.

Our Seattle company has affiliates in Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles.

This charity is an entirely non-profit, voluntary organization and is not affiliated with any government agency or business enterprise.

I don't want to be affiliated with that group in any way. I totally disagree with their entire way of doing things.

Paul Fussell once stated, Americans are the only people in the world known to me whose status anxiety prompts them to advertise their college and university affiliations in the rear window of their automobiles.

He told her their families had a loose business affiliation. It was true enough; they were both Mafia.

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