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Whenever my son watches violent television programs he becomes quite aggressiveBe careful; their dog can be quite aggressive at times.

Whenever my son watches violent television programs he becomes quite aggressive.

I hate aggressive people who approach me as soon as I walk into a store, and try to sell me things I don't want.

She has to be aggressive in order to succeed in her business.

Their cat becomes very aggressive if you try to get near her kittens.

I read in a tabloid that boxer Mike Tyson is taking some kind of medication to control his aggression.

The mayor wants the police to arrest any people who are aggressively panhandling on the streets of our city.

A recent study shows that children who are spanked for bad behavior are more likely to be aggressive or anxious than those who are disciplined in other ways.

Alfred Adler once suggested that the truth is often a terrible weapon of aggression.

Alcohol makes people really aggressive sometimes, which is why people often get into fights in bars.

Sharks are generally aggressive only if threatened or disturbed.

Our company is aggressively expanding into Europe and the Far East.

People who are assertive can sometimes be seen as overly aggressive.

Studies show that televised violence actually makes young people more tolerant of aggression in other children.

Gorillas, which are shy, gentle vegetarians, were long described as dangerous and aggressive.

The Koran advises us that Allah does not love the aggressors.

In February of 1979, China invaded Vietnam in retaliation for what it called Vietnamese aggression over the previous six months.

A new study shows that children who watch a lot of violence on television have an increased risk of aggressive adult behavior, including spouse abuse and criminal offences.

Prussia became an aggressive military power under the leadership of Frederick the Great.

Repeated studies of animals in the laboratory show that punishment procedures usually result in aggressive behavior.

Discussion question: Do you think that violent television programs make children aggressive?

Find someone who thinks violent video games make children more aggressive.

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