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People often feel a sense of alienation when they first arrive in a foreign cultureThe guards at the border caught some illegal aliens trying to sneak into the country.

People often feel a sense of alienation when they first arrive in a foreign culture.

In the movie we saw, aliens came to earth and gradually replaced all the human beings.

Hans became somewhat alienated from his family after they refused to attend his wedding.

Many of the young people living on the streets of our city are kids who are totally alienated from their families for various reasons.

Many illegal aliens enter the U.S. across the Mexican border.

Robert Orben once observed, Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.

After reading a story about a spaceship full of aliens that came to earth and killed everyone the little boy was so scared that he couldn't fall asleep.

Scientists are afraid that alien life forms may have gotten aboard the rocket while it was refuelling on Jupiter.

Laughter helps us to connect with others and counteracts feelings of alienation, a major factor in depression and suicide.

Sudan alienated many of its overseas political allies by declaring its support for Iraq in the Gulf War.

In 1942, Japanese-Canadians were branded 'enemy aliens' by the highest authority in the land.

For the majority of people who work hard all year in the CTte d'Ivoire, the Western concept of leisure is somewhat alien.

His negative attitude eventually alienated his friends.

Some people believe that a spaceship landed in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s, and that scientists there examined the dead bodies of aliens from another planet.

Buddhism teaches that the more we cling to the belief in a self, an ego, the more pain and alienation we feel.

Discussion question: Do you believe that aliens from other planets have visited our earth in the past?

Find someone who believes aliens exist on other planets.

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