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I had some alterations done on my pants at the store where I bought themI think this plan will work much better if we alter it slightly.

I had some alterations done on my pants at the store where I bought them.

The alterations to the motor suggested by the engineer have reduced fuel consumption considerably.

We haven't altered our plans despite the poor weather.

Let us know if you alter your plans.

I bought some new pants at Eaton's, and they're going to do the alterations for free.

The politician was forced to alter his policy somewhat, due to public pressure.

Leo Gomes once said that while modern technology has given people powerful new communication tools, it apparently can do nothing to alter the fact that many people have nothing useful to say.

If our sun's energy output varies beyond a certain point, it will alter the Earth's climate.

Ehricke Krafft once observed that we have no rational alternative but to expand the environmental and resource base beyond Earth.

She was able to wear her mother's wedding dress when she got married after making a few simple alterations.

The world of work was radically altered by the Industrial Revolution.

Declining fertility has major consequences for the wider society, such as significantly altering the age structure.

The whole pattern of the world's population was altered by the African slave trade.

Freedom from slavery did not dramatically alter the lives of the thousands of African-Jamaicans, most of whom remained poor peasants.

Even the communists were unable to alter the beliefs of the mountain people of Albania.

Charles Yesalis has claimed that geneticists around the world now believe there could be genetically-altered athletes as soon as the 2004 Summer Games.

Even the tiniest error in our calculations could alter our flight plan, and cause us to miss our landing target on the Dark Planet.

The great country house at Knole has remained basically unaltered since 1603.

The chemical balance of the brain which controls awareness can be radically altered by the introduction of external agents.

The contract has already been signed and the conditions are unalterable.

The facts of the incident are unalterable. You did it and now you are going to have to face the consequences.

The police are investigating the apparent alteration of some bank documents.

He was charged by police after altering his business records to make it look like he was making less money than he really was.

These are facts, and as such, they are simply not alterable.

Garbage which is dumped into streams and rivers often accumulates on beaches, where it alters the environment of the oceans.

Our ability to change and alter this planet's natural environment is largely limited to surface processes.

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