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Example Sentences for "apparently"

I wasn't there, but apparently it was a great partyApparently he is a good swimmer, but I've never seen him swim.

I wasn't there, but apparently it was a great party.

Apparently it will rain this afternoon, so you'd better bring your umbrella.

I was supposed to lock the door apparently, and when I got home my mother was angry with me.

I didn't see the accident, but apparently it was his fault.

Apparently he didn't know about the meeting because he didn't come.

Every time she says hello to him, his face goes red; apparently he likes her.

It is quite apparent to me that she is no longer in love with him; she just ignores him completely.

I was afraid there was going to be a bus strike, but apparently they were able to negotiate a last-minute settlement.

I haven't heard for sure yet, but Marjorie is apparently going to become our new director.

The strange orange glow seen in underwater caves off the coast of the Bahamas is apparently caused by the effects of the mixing of fresh and sea water.

Don Robinson once said that one of the weaknesses of our age is our apparent inability to distinguish our need from our greed.

In August of 1962, actress Marilyn Monroe died, apparently from an overdose of sleeping pills.

Living a stressful life apparently lowers one's ability to combat disease.

His anger was apparent to everyone, even though he tried to hide it.

There are a number of apparent bugs in the program that need to be fixed.

She and her husband have a lot of serious problems, and it is apparent to me that she is headed for a divorce.

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