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His English language skills are a great asset in his job in international tradeI'm sure that his experience and his positive attitude will be an asset to this job.

His English language skills are a great asset in his job in international trade.

Her assets, including investments and commercial properties, are worth well over $3 million.

They have decided to sell off some of their assets, and concentrate their efforts on the clothing industry side of their business.

Their assets include land, apartment buildings and a retail chain.

Upon his death, Carol's grandfather's assets were sold off, and the money divided equally among her brothers and herself with the result that each child got over a million dollars.

I'm confident that Gillian will be a real asset to our team.

After the company went bankrupt, all their assets were sold to pay their debts.

Rudy Bakalov once noted that good taste is always an asset.

The three richest people in the world have assets that exceed the combined gross domestic product of the 48 least developed countries.

In North American culture, the younger person (normally the wife) begins a marriage with fewer social assets - less schooling, less job experience and a lower income.

Disney is the largest media corporation in the world, with assets worth over 37 billion dollars in 1997.

The bank stripped the company's assets after it went bankrupt in order to pay off the loan.

The land of Trinidad and Tobago, with its beauty and variety of natural resources, has long been one of the nation's greatest assets.

The Panama Canal, built between 1906 and 1914, is that country's greatest economic asset.

In June of 1941, the President ordered the freezing of all German and Italian assets in the United States.

An important financial center, the Cayman Islands have banking assets which exceed $500 billion.

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