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We shouldn't make any assumptions until we have heard from everyone involved in the incidentWhen you didn't come to work, I just assumed that you were sick.

We shouldn't make any assumptions until we have heard from everyone involved in the incident.

Many people seem to assume that Canadians are just the same as Americans.

Control of government has been assumed by the Vice-President until the President is well enough to take over again.

The assumption that birds are descended from dinosaurs has been brought into question by new fossil discoveries in the last few years.

The boss was really angry at Caroline for being late again, so I think we can assume that she will be on time for the next meeting.

Everyone assumed that she was pregnant, but in fact, she was just overweight.

Studies show that women continue to assume most of the duties involved in rearing children.

Lester Bangs once remarked that the first mistake of Art is to assume that it's serious.

Shakespeare wrote that the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape.

Many people assume that ESL teachers can speak a number of different languages, but it isn't true.

Assuming that all the offspring survived, 190,000,000,000,000,000,000 flies could be produced in four months by the offspring of a single pair of flies.

Craig Kielburger once remarked that young people in the industrialized nations are segregated most of their lives with members of their own age group and given little opportunity to assume responsibility.

Adolf Hitler assumed power in Germany in 1933.

Uruguay has long played the quiet and unassuming role of the neutral neighbor in conflicts between Brazil and Argentina.

She had her arm around him all night, so I just assumed she was his wife, but apparently she is his secretary.

In March of 1558, Ferdinand I assumed the title of Holy Roman Emperor.

By the 19th century, Britain had assumed political control of virtually all of India.

The assumption that boys who play a lot of sports do not do well in academic courses is simply not true.

The suggestion that the death penalty stops murders assumes that killers consider the consequences of being caught at the time that they are committing their crime.

Gases assume the shape and volume of the containers in which they are found.

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