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The meteor burned up as soon as it entered the Earth's atmosphereEveryone at my office hates each other, which makes the atmosphere really uncomfortable.

The meteor burned up as soon as it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Exhaust from cars, combined with atmospheric gases resulted in a thick layer of smog over the city.

Atmospheric conditions were affected a great deal by the presence of volcanic dust in the air from the recent eruption.

The space shuttle should re-enter our atmosphere early tomorrow morning.

The atmosphere in the room was still very tense after the argument was over.

Smog has contributed to the atmospheric gases already building up.

Ricther once said that the conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them; their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe.

Dorothy Parker once suggested that the best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant...and let the air out of their tires.

A drop of water may travel thousands of miles between the time it evaporates into the atmosphere, and the time it falls to the earth again as rain, sleet, or snow.

Too many people in modern society live in an atmosphere of constant change and stress.

Nigeria's warm, moist climate provides an atmosphere in which many diseases thrive and pose a threat to humans.

Hurricanes occur when a drop in atmospheric pressure is accompanied by unstable air currents.

In October of 1967, a Soviet spacecraft entered the atmosphere of the planet Venus, and began transmitting data back to Earth.

A favorable atmosphere for business initiatives has helped stimulate the economy in recent years.

Growing plants use ground water, which is subsequently expelled back into the atmosphere.

Only the lower part of our earth's atmosphere is visible, in the form of the clouds we see floating in our sky.

Joints in rock allow the atmosphere and water to attack the rock body at a greater depth.

The earth's atmosphere is made up of a mixture of highly mobile gases.

Due to its wide commercial interests, Venice during the Renaissance was known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Discussion question: What do you think it takes to create a positive atmosphere in a classroom?

Find someone who enjoys the atmosphere of our class.

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