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Sometimes I wonder if he has some kind of secret in his background because he never wants to talk about his life growing upWe always do a security check on an applicant's background before hiring anyone.

Sometimes I wonder if he has some kind of secret in his background because he never wants to talk about his life growing up.

He is working as an administrator, but his background is in law.

The background music in the movie was really effective in creating a mood of romance.

She took a photo of Paris from the Notre Dame Cathedral, and you could just see the Eiffel Tower in the background.

We need some background information on the company before deciding if we want to work with them.

What kind of background do you have in education?

Barbara Bush once remarked that bias has to be taught. If you hear your parents downgrading women or people of different backgrounds, you are going to do that.

For the film The Little Mermaid, one thousand different colors were used on 1,100 backgrounds.

A security check of the suspect's background showed that he was wanted on assault charges in Seattle.

Our students bring a great deal of background knowledge to their study of a second language.

The Finnish flag is a blue cross on a white background, and was adopted in 1918.

The Danish flag, with a white cross on a red background, is the oldest national flag in the world.

Studies show that people with a high income are more than twice as likely to attend university as those from lower income backgrounds.

The color of some animals changes with the color of their background.

Physical appearance is determined in large part by one's genetic background.

Similarity of genetic background has been proven to be a greater predictor of intelligence that similarity of environment.

Discussion question: Do you think the accused person's personal background should be considered when he is being sentenced for a crime?

Find someone who has a background in sales.

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