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Example Sentences for "bark"

The barking of the seals could be heard all over the islandI don't think your dog likes me; he barks at me every time I walk past your house.

The barking of the seals could be heard all over the island.

The major barked out the orders to the soldiers.

Our dog barks a lot, but he's just being friendly. He would never actually bite anyone.

The neighbor's dog has been barking at night lately and waking us all up.

The hyenas were snarling and barking at the lion, trying to chase it away from its kill.

The bark of the tree is quite rough.

The arbutus tree changes its bark every year.

We chopped down the tree and stripped off the bark before beginning to chop it into smaller pieces.

The native people of the West Coast used the bark of cedar trees to make clothing.

The fire only singed the bark of the trees before being put out.

The bark of the tree had been all scratched up by a bear.

The elephants were ripping the bark off the trees and eating it.

I'm sorry for barking at you like that; I was feeling a bit stressed out.

The favorite food of beavers is the soft bark of certain types of trees.

Cork is made from the bark of trees.

A Danish proverb observes that a dog that barks all the time gets little attention.

In the mountains of Ecuador, there is a kind of bird which barks like a dog instead of singing.

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