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The children's behavior during the play was excellent; they were completely fascinated, and watched the performance with delightWhen we go to Grandma's house, I expect you children to behave; don't run around screaming and jumping on the furniture like last time.

The children's behavior during the play was excellent; they were completely fascinated, and watched the performance with delight.

I certainly hope you children behave yourselves at the party today.

Electrons sometimes behave like waves under specific conditions.

In the 1960s, Masters Johnson wrote a famous book on human sexual behavior.

The children show certain behavioral problems usually associated with someone who has been abused.

Pavlov showed that salivating at the sound of a bell could be a learned behavior in his famous experiments with dogs.

Someone once said that you should always imitate the behavior of the winners when you lose.

Someone once remarked that feelings are real and legitimate, and that children behave and misbehave for a reason even if adults cannot figure it out.

Birds do not sing because they are happy; it is a territorial behavior.

In 1547, British law was changed to end the practice of boiling people to death as punishment for criminal behavior.

Studies show that riding on the sidewalk facing traffic is the most dangerous cycling behavior on busy roads.

In the late 1800s, slaves in Puerto Rico could be executed simply as a result of disobedient behavior.

In Algeria, culture dictates that the honor of a family depends largely on the behavior of its women.

A Zambian proverb notes that you learn a lot about a man by his behavior when hungry.

Culture, in the scientific sense, is the ability to invent new behaviors that are adopted by the population group and are passed along to succeeding generations.

Discussion question: How are children in your culture expected to behave in school?

Find someone who got in trouble in elementary school for bad behavior.

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