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Newspaper will generally biodegrade quite quickly if shredded and thrown in the compostSome people feel it is better to use paper bags than plastic bags because paper bags are biodegradable.

Newspaper will generally biodegrade quite quickly if shredded and thrown in the compost.

Scientists are currently working on developing a plastic that is totally biodegradable.

As material biodegrades in our environment, it feeds numerous small organisms that live in the soil and air.

We humans, like every other living organism, are essentially biodegradable, and when we die, we return to the earth.

We only use detergent and dishwashing liquid that is biodegradable so that we don't add to the pollution in the water supply.

In a city dump, much of the material which is biodegradable can't break down because it is buried under so much plastic and stuff that the air can't get to it to begin the process.

Many biodegradable goods don't actually break down very well in a city dump because they get preserved under all the garbage.

Disposable diapers don't biodegrade, so there are millions of them in our dumps.

Styrofoam doesn't biodegrade, and tends to accumulate in our environment.

It has been suggested that many villagers in Fiji dump their garbage anywhere, as if the trash was biodegradable.

A joint venture by the companies Cargill and Dow has begun manufacturing biodegradable and recyclable plastics from corn sugars.

All our personal care products are made with ingredients from nature, are biodegradable, and are tested for safety without the use of animals.

Discussion question: Are you willing to pay more for household products which are biodegradable?

Find someone who uses biodegradable soap.

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