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The accident created a very special bond between the survivorsIt usually takes a few games for the team to really bond.

The accident created a very special bond between the survivors.

It is important for both parents to spend a lot of time with a newborn baby in the first few days in order to bond with the child.

Cuba broke most of its bonds with the U.S.S.R. after the fall of communism in Europe.

The two pieces of wood were bonded together with glue.

Donna has a special bond with her grandmother because she spent so much time with her as a child.

The kids on the hockey team really bonded together during their first out-of-town tournament.

There is a Dutch proverb which observes that an honest man's word is his bond.

Richard Bach wrote that the bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.

Atoms form bonds with each other by sharing or exchanging electrons.

Desmond Morris once said that a true bond of friendship is usually only possible between people of roughly equal status.

Certain kinds of birds form lifelong bonds.

Naomi Klein wrote that nowadays, teenagers the world over are bonded together by a common adolescent culture of Sony Playstations and MTV videos.

Elephants form deep family bonds, and live in tight social units.

In Iran, the honor and unity of the family are considered more important than all other social bonds.

Harriet Jacobs once suggested that there are no bonds so strong as those which are formed by suffering together.

Someone once suggested that a government bond is a financial device to give you back some of the money you paid in taxes.

H. Douglas Brown has suggested that the chief mechanism for maintaining the bonds of society is language.

All limits on foreign investment in the Korean bond and money market have been eliminated.

Going camping with his baseball teammates was a good bonding experience.

Luther Standing Bear once observed that a bond exists between all things because they all drink the same water and breathe the same air.

Many children in developing countries are forced into debt bondage and other forms of near slavery.

My sister Liane was able to form a closer bond with my dad than I was ever able to establish.

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