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The post office marks the boundary between the two municipalitiesAnyone found skiing outside the boundary is putting himself in danger, and if caught, will lose his lift pass.

The post office marks the boundary between the two municipalities.

We made a boundary of trees at the back of our yard to keep noise from coming from the road.

The river acts as a natural boundary between the two nations.

The book The Lord of the Rings really expanded the boundaries of fantasy literature.

The United States space program is redefining the boundaries of space travel.

Belgium and the Netherlands have an underground boundary that differs from the surface boundary shown on maps.

So seriously taken were land boundary laws that the ancient Romans executed farmers who moved boundary stones, even if by accident.

Corita Kent once said, Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.

The westward movement of settlers in Canada was hampered to the north by climate, and to the south by the political boundary with the U.S.

Many of the artworks of Jasper Johns explore the boundary between everyday objects and the work of art.

Boundaries between ethnic groups are often marked by food preferences.

The U.S. has a two hundred mile boundary extending off its coasts to protect its fishing rights.

Children need to have clear boundaries set for them as to what is acceptable behavior, and what is not.

There is growing fear now that the conflict could spread outside the boundaries of the old Yugoslavia, and into neighboring countries.

The two groups of boys divided the park into two halves, and marked the boundary with their coats and bags.

Belgium's only natural boundaries are the North Sea coastline and the Meuse River.

The Croatian war of independence helped cause a great movement of people across new national boundaries.

There is a high fence around the boundary of the zoo.

Syria's boundary with Israel has been in dispute since 1967.

In general, earthquakes will occur along plate boundaries.

Find someone who has crossed an international boundary.

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