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Protocol requires all visitors to bow before the EmperorThe dancer gracefully bowed and left the stage.

Protocol requires all visitors to bow before the Emperor.

In Korea, when greeting someone, the senior person offers to shake hands first, but the junior person bows first.

Malays generally bow slightly when greeting others.

The suspect bowed his head, and cried with relief when the verdict was read out.

We wrapped her present in beautiful blue paper, and put a bow on top.

In Japan, bowing has different meanings, including simple greetings, a gesture of respect, or an apology.

A Chinese proverb advises, If you bow at all, bow low.

A Chinese proverb notes, Draw the bow but don't shoot -- it is a bigger threat to be intimidated than to be hit.

An Indian proverb states that a man without money is like a bow without arrows.

A Japanese proverb observes that you have to bow a few times before you can stand upright.

A Polish proverb warns, Watch the faces of those who bow low.

A Russian proverb observes, They bow to you when borrowing; you bow to them when collecting.

The little girl bowed to the audience at the end of her dance performance.

He is an accurate shot with a bow and arrow.

Early guns took so long to load and fire that bows and arrows, in trained hands, were twelve times more efficient.

The hunter drew his bow and shot the deer in the heart.

The little girl was dressed in a pretty pink dress, with a large bow in her hair.

Just tie your laces in a bow. If you tie them in a knot, you won't be able to get them undone.

In Gr-newald's painting of the crucifixion, the arms of the cross are bowed from Christ's weight.

There were five beautiful bows on the top of the wedding gift.

He sat in the bow of the boat and let his hand drag in the warm water of the lake.

Everyone ran to the bow of the boat to see a whale that was swimming by.

The wind was blowing the bow of the canoe around, so it was hard to steer.

Christina Georgina Rossetti wrote, When the trees bow down their heads, the wind is passing by.

Everyone in the church bowed down their heads in prayer.

Robin Hood carried a large bow in one hand and a single arrow in the other.

Publius Syrus once observed that the bow too tensely strung is easily broken.

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