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The boycott was called to protest against the company's unfair labor policiesMany people have decided to boycott that store because their clothes are made in factories where the workers are treated really badly.

The boycott was called to protest against the company's unfair labor policies.

The election was boycotted by the Opposition parties, who claimed that the vote was unfair.

South Africa was boycotted for many years in an effort to pressure the government into ending its apartheid policy.

A consumer group organized a boycott of produce grown at farms which use an excess of deadly chemicals to grow their food.

After Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man in 1955, a city-wide boycott of buses in Montgomery, Alabama led to changes in the segregation policies in that city.

Janet has formed a parents' group which is promoting a boycott of violent television programs to pressure networks to change their practices.

The President has claimed that a boycott of the country's exports will only affect the poorest people in the country.

Both the Israelis and the Arabs have vowed they will boycott the peace conference unless the hostilities are brought to an immediate halt.

North Korea boycotted the Olympic Games when Seoul, South Korea, hosted the summer games in 1988.

Only 81 countries participated in the Olympic Games of 1980, which were held in Moscow because of a boycott against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The Montgomery, Alabama boycott against the bus system, which made black people give up their seats to white passengers, lasted for 381 days, until the Supreme Court declared that Alabama's state and local laws requiring segregation on buses were illegal.

Boycotts can be an effective way to pressure businesses or governments into taking action to end unfair laws or business practices.

The environmental organization Greenpeace has called for a boycott of lumber produced in our province to protest the logging of old growth forest.

In the mid 1990s, the United Nations threatened a boycott of Libyan oil exports, an action that would have devastated the Libyan economy.

In January of 1932, the Japanese army occupied Shanghai, China to force an end to a Chinese boycott of Japanese goods.

In April of 1994, South Africa's first all-race elections were boycotted by the white right-wing parties.

In March of 1933, the government of Germany ordered a boycott of businesses belonging to Jewish people, and seized their bank accounts.

Discussion question: Do you think that boycotts are an effective way of producing change?

Find someone who has participated in a boycott.

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