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Her brother received a medal for bravery after he jumped into the river to save a drowning childIt was really brave of her to admit her mistake to her boss.

Her brother received a medal for bravery after he jumped into the river to save a drowning child.

The young soldier stepped bravely forward, and offered to carry the message across enemy lines.

The child was not brave enough to argue with his teacher when he was blamed for something another child did.

Hundreds of excited teenagers braved cold wind and rain in order to attend the concert.

A young Tacoma woman was recently given a medal for bravery after saving a little boy who had fallen into a fast moving river.

The brave knight cut off the dragon's head with his magic sword.

When I was little, my dad was my hero because he seemed so big and strong and brave.

He is the bravest person I've ever met. He isn't afraid of anything!

My grandfather won a medal for bravery in the First World War.

Today we remember the brave young soldiers who fought and died to protect our country.

The young couple sat together in silence, neither one brave enough to look at the other.

I'm not at all brave; in fact, I'm a total chicken.

His bravery is legendary. Everyone says that he is afraid of nothing.

There is an Omaha Indian proverb which states that it is easy to be brave from a distance.

David Summers once suggested that bravery and stupidity go hand in hand.

A wise man once remarked that the brave don't live forever, but the cautious don't live at all.

The little girl walked bravely up onto the stage, and then began to sing.

If you are brave enough to stand the cold water, scuba-diving off the coast of Oregon can be quite spectacular.

Discussion question: Talk about a person that you think is brave.

Find someone who knows someone who is brave.

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