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We have a beautiful rose bush growing just outside our front doorThe cat slowly approached the bush where the mouse was hiding.

We have a beautiful rose bush growing just outside our front door.

The desert of Kuwait is spotted with patches of coarse, weedy grass and small bushes.

The children walked slowly across the lawn and hid behind the bushes, where the adults couldn't see them.

After being lost in the bush for three days, the hikers had completely run out of food.

The army was moving slowly forward, chasing the guerrillas out of their hiding places in the bush.

The hunter became nervous when he heard a noise coming from the bushes.

We worked for the summer building running trails through the bush at a local lake.

Most roads in Swaziland are good, but there are rough ones out in the bush.

These bushes should be planted in a shady area.

Leopards mark their territory by spraying their scent on bushes or trees.

My grandfather has a big, bushy beard.

My teacher has a bushy black mustache that he likes to twirl with his fingers when he's thinking.

We were really bushed after working in the yard all day.

The boys played street hockey all afternoon, so by suppertime they were totally bushed.

Anne was bushed when she came home from work, so she went straight to bed.

An Indian proverb notes that not all the buds on a bush will blossom.

An old proverb observes that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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