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She had her leg in a cast for over 2 months after breaking it skiingThe entire cast came to our school to perform a couple of scenes from the play.

She had her leg in a cast for over 2 months after breaking it skiing.

Courtney Cox was originally cast as Rachel in the television show Friends, but wanted to play the role of Monica, and eventually got her way.

The old tree cast a shadow over the flowers in the garden.

Over 65% of those who cast their vote for that candidate were over the age of 50.

The lawyer for the defense has been quite successful in casting doubt on the prosecution's case.

The NDP has traditionally cast itself as the political party of the working class.

In 1543, a method for casting iron cannons was perfected by an Englishman working under commission to King Henry VIII.

At the end of the chocolate-making process, the chocolate is cast in small bars and allowed to harden.

The members of the cast of the popular television series Friends have largely moved into successful movie careers.

The popular movie actress has joined the cast of a dramatic television series.

He cast the dice and held his breath.

The monster cast a shadow across the moon as he appeared at her window.

In Greek mythology, Typhon is an ugly many-headed monster who was defeated and cast into the underworld by Zeus.

There is a Malabar proverb which holds that anger is as a stone cast into a wasp's nest.

D. H. Lawrence wrote that it is no good casting out devils because they belong to us, so we must accept them, and be at peace with them.

Seneca once said that whatever fortune has raised to a height, she has raised only to cast it down.

Of the 98.5% of eligible voters who cast their votes in a national referendum in April 1993, 99.8% said yes to independence for Eritrea.

She cast her coat on the chair when she walked into the room, and then flopped down on the sofa.

Find someone who has worn a cast on his/her arm or leg.

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