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His casual attitude towards work has kept him from getting a real, steady jobThe party is very casual, so you don't need to wear anything special.

His casual attitude towards work has kept him from getting a real, steady job.

Vanessa tried to act casual when Ben came into the room, but in reality, she felt a little nervous.

Her casual remark accidentally caused an argument.

Layla was casually dressed in a simple blouse and pants.

Many companies like to hire casual workers so that they don't have to pay them benefits.

Shawn works at his brother's restaurant on a casual basis when they are extra busy.

Lak has a very casual attitude about everything, which some people find annoying because he doesn't seem to take anything seriously.

He contracted AIDS after having casual sex with a number of different partners without using condoms.

There is a Chinese proverb which states that it is better to be casual than to be a perfectionist.

Jim Bishop once suggested that death is as casual, and often as unexpected, as birth.

In speaking, especially in casual conversations, people tend to use short sentences.

Casual clothes in the CTte d'Ivoire are often described as resembling Western-style pajamas.

Discussion question: Are you generally a casual person or a formal person, in your dress and your manners?

Find someone who likes to dress casually.

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