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The city had to chop down a tree that was growing under the power linesCan you chop some more wood for the fire?

I'm going to chop up some onions to put in the stir-fry.

The city had to chop down a tree that was growing under the power lines.

Why don't you chop up the vegetables while I grate the cheese for the pizza?

We saw some karate expert chop a brick in half with his bare hands.

Be careful while you're chopping the carrots that you don't cut your hand.

Certain members of the Royal family had their heads chopped off during the French Revolution.

For making a sculpture, Auguste Rodin said, I choose a block of marble, and chop off everything I don't need.

The administration has been chopping a few employees off the payroll in an effort to bring down costs.

Over 50 jobs have been chopped from the payroll in the last year, and we're still losing money.

The farmer took the chicken out to the shed and quickly chopped its head off.

He finished the fight by giving his opponent a karate chop to the neck.

We chopped down a few trees on our land to make room for an outdoor barbeque.

He accidentally chopped his finger off while he was cutting up wood for the fire.

In the rural areas of Costa Rica, girls manage household chores while boys do outdoor tasks such as chopping wood.

An Arab proverb notes, If you want to kill a snake, chop off its head.

Find someone who has chopped wood.

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