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The author went on the lecture circuit to promote his newest novelYou'll blow the electrical circuit if you try to use too many appliances at once.

The author went on the lecture circuit to promote his newest novel.

The device has an alarm in it which will ring if something breaks the circuit, and turns it off.

After publishing a new book, authors usually go on a lecture circuit to help increase sales.

The planet earth takes just over 365 days to complete its circuit around the sun.

The light doesn't seem to be working; there must be a break in the circuit somewhere.

They took a somewhat circuitous route to avoid the downtown core during the rush hour.

Rusty Berkus once said that there comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are, and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.

It takes 60 seconds for blood to make one complete circuit of the human body.

Whereas electricity flows through an electrical circuit, nothing actually flows through a magnetic circuit.

In 2000, Jack Kilby was awarded the Nobel prize for physics for his work in developing the integrated circuit used in a computer microchip.

The runner has been doing very well in the national track and field circuit and is expected to place in the top ten in next year's Olympics.

The winner of the LeMans car race is the driver who is able to cover the greatest distance over a 13.6 kilometer circuit during a 24 hour period.

The riders will be doing a 20-kilometer circuit of the city, up and down hills, and out to the coast, five times during the race.

Circuits are sometimes connected directly to a battery or other power source.

A small integrated circuit inside your computer mouse sends signals to the operating system, which instructs it to move the pointer on your screen.

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