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The economic climate has improved a great deal since the country voted in a new PresidentIt can take a long time for immigrants to adapt to the climate of their adopted country.

The economic climate has improved a great deal since the country voted in a new President.

The climate at the university is very tense these days, due to allegations of sexism and racism among faculty members.

Scientists fear major climatic changes as a result of the greenhouse effect.

The climate of Seattle is typical of the West Coast.

The hot dry climate of Phoenix was quite nice after spending a rainy spring in Portland.

My parents moved out west from Maine because the climate there was too severe for them as they got old.

Author Mark Twain once said, Go to heaven for the climate, but go to hell for the company.

Even though only 7 percent of the world has a temperate climate, nearly half of the world's people live in these areas.

It is difficult to determine if temperature changes over the last fifty years are due to pollution or simply to normal variations in climate which could only be recognized if we were able to study records for the last ten thousand years.

The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft landed on Mars in 1997 and made measurements of the Martian climate.

The westward movement of settlers in Canada was hampered to the north by climate, and to the south by the political boundary with the U.S.

The climate provided by modern industrial societies for religion is a subject of considerable controversy.

Colombia's mountain climate is ideal for growing coffee.

Bangladesh has a monsoon climate, characterized by a season of heavy rains.

In 1991, scientists suggested that a worldwide band of volcanic dust from the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines could be cooling the climate of the entire world.

A generally unfavorable climate for business enterprise has limited economic development in the country.

The Dominican economy depends on agriculture, mainly bananas, and is highly vulnerable to climatic conditions.

The physical evolution of our planet's landscape is a complex process which is influenced by many factors, including climate, rock type, structure and elevation.

Natural landscapes are greatly influenced by both the rock structure of a region and its climate.

Discussion question: What kind of climate would you most like to live in?

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