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Example Sentences for "coarse"

The coarse material of the pants scratched my legs as I ranThe coarse sand was very hard on our feet.

The coarse material of the pants scratched my legs as I ran.

Cheap toilet paper is usually quite thin and coarse.

The men were quite coarse, and made the women feel uncomfortable.

He has a very coarse sense of humor, which many people find offensive.

The potatoes were seasoned with coarsely ground black pepper.

Don't use coarse sandpaper when you work on the furniture or you will scratch it.

The young boys' mother was upset over their coarse language.

The skin on my father-in-law's face is quite tough and coarse from his years of working outside during the cold winters and hot summers of Quebec.

The young woman ran her hand over the coarse stubble of her boyfriend's unshaven chin.

The coarse hairs on the back of the pig felt like steel wire under my hand.

He was wearing a handmade sweater of coarse wool, which scratched his arms and felt uncomfortable.

Our feet were sore from running barefoot on the coarse sand at the beach.

Anton Chekov once wrote, Where's the sense in being proud when you consider that Man, as a species, is not very well constructed physiologically, and in the vast majority of cases is coarse, stupid, and profoundly unhappy, too?

The desert of Kuwait is spotted with patches of coarse, weedy grass and small bushes.

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