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I tried to phone you, but I dialed the wrong area code, and got someone living in Louisiana insteadLocal building codes were ignored at the stadium, resulting in a tragic accident which killed over 250 spectators.

I tried to phone you, but I dialed the wrong area code, and got someone living in Louisiana instead.

I can't understand the computer codes, so I can't fix the program I'm having trouble with.

The children wrote each other short messages in a secret code they had made.

During the Second World War, the American army sent messages in a mysterious code which was impossible for the enemy to understand. After the war, it was revealed that the messages were sent by American Navaho Indians in their language.

What is your postal code?

The information coded on DNA must be preserved for the survival of an organism.

Municipal building codes were obviously ignored in the construction of the apartment building that collapsed.

When I was little, my friends and I used to enjoy creating secret codes, and then writing messages to each other using it during class.

The Allies were able to break the German code during the war, allowing them to know of their plans in advance.

I don't know how to work with all the complicated code to make changes to the computer database.

Both Christianity and Judaism were founded on written texts, and taught a code of ethics.

Will Durant once remarked that moral codes adjust themselves to environmental conditions.

A computer geek once joked, I'd love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code!

Hospitality is an important part of the Nigerian code of ethics.

Stoplights are red, yellow, and green because traffic officials copied the code system railroad engineers used for track systems controlling the trains.

Writing code for a software program is an endless, boring task.

We spent the entire weekend debugging code for the new software program we're developing.

Julius Caesar was the first known person to encode communications in order to keep his messages secret.

The software program 'Windows 2000' contained 29 million lines of code.

It is important for all researchers in the field of psychology to maintain a strict code of ethical conduct.

Computer coding is a very laborious and time-consuming process.

The soldier sent a coded message to headquarters.

Eighteen centuries before Christ, Hammurabi wrote the first code of law in the history of mankind in the region now known as Iraq.

Find someone who made a secret code with friends as a child.

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