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The Finance Minister declined to comment on the accusationsThe comments he received after his presentation were highly favorable.

The Finance Minister declined to comment on the accusations.

The teacher was tired after writing comments on the report cards of over 100 children.

A police spokesman is refusing to comment on accusations of racism within the force.

I didn't appreciate Joseph's comments about my presentation during yesterday's meeting.

We have received a lot of favorable comments since you started working in the sales department.

One comment that was made about the art show was that the artists seemed to share a common theme in their works.

There is a Hebrew proverb which states, Judge a man not by the words of his mother, but from the comments of his neighbors.

Theodore White once said that the most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing, and to watch someone else do it wrong without comment.

The comments on my son's report card suggested that he could do much better in school if he made a bit more effort.

In Bhutan, during archery competitions, cheerleaders are allowed to distract the opposing team by shouting rude comments.

The commentary by the sportscaster was quite negative towards the visiting team.

The DVD of the movie features a special commentary by the director and the film's stars.

The commentators were having difficulty maintaining a respectful tone between the two parties in the debate.

Television sports commentaries are often done by ex-athletes.

Your teacher commented on your excellent writing at our parent/teacher meeting tonight.

One political commentator suggested that the President may be simply trying to divert attention from the nation's economic difficulties.

Commenting on the case before it goes to court can only cause problems.

In the 1880s, French monks at Solesmes began to publish facsimile editions with commentaries of the sources of Gregorian chant.

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