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Police believe the murder was committed by two men who were known to the victimYou shouldn't really commit yourself until you have all the facts.

Police believe the murder was committed by two men who were known to the victim.

I was offered a job at a company in Chicago, but I didn't accept it because they wanted me to make a commitment to stay there at least 2 years, and I couldn't guarantee that I would stay that long.

She broke up with her boyfriend because he didn't seem to want to make the commitment to having a serious relationship.

Are you sure you want to get a puppy? Owning a dog is a serious commitment; you'll have to walk him everyday, clean up after him, give him affection, and just generally spend a lot of time with him.

Switzerland has long retained its commitment to neutrality in conflicts between its neighbors.

The young man committed suicide because his parents wouldn't accept his homosexuality.

The government has committed itself to calling an election within a year.

He is a committed communist who firmly believes in state ownership of all property.

I really can't commit myself to coaching my son's baseball team this year. I just have too many other things to do.

Her family commitments have prevented her from taking on a full-time job.

Your commitment to the project has been a big part of the reason for its success.

The United Nations has suggested that the richer countries of the world need to commit more money to the elimination of starvation in the developing world.

There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that he who has approved of wrongdoing is as guilty as he who has committed it.

Rock musician Jim Morrison once said that the most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are.

Bill Cosby once said that having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.

According to a recent study, many more crimes are committed in the hot summer months than in the cold winter months.

Socrates, Nero, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Vincent van Gogh, Marilyn Monroe and Adolf Hitler all committed suicide.

Jack the Ripper, the notorious murderer in nineteenth-century England, only committed his crimes on weekends.

Police now believe that the robbery was committed with the help of someone working in the bank.

He is suspected of having committed a number of robberies around town, in addition to this latest charge of drug trafficking.

Henry Buckle once said that society prepares the crime, and the criminal commits it.

Our company policy states that we are committed to fairness and honesty in all our dealings.

By getting married, one person deepens his or her commitment to the other.

Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other nations of Asia and the Pacific are making substantial commitments to conserving their natural resources.

The Prime Minister made a commitment to increase health care spending if re-elected.

You are committing a big mistake by marrying that idiot!

David Boyd has suggested that a nation's commitment to sustainability can be measured by the amount of money budgeted for environmental protection.

She was able to commit her entire five-page speech to memory.

Discussion question: Is there any crime you would commit if you knew that no one would ever find out?

Find someone who thinks people who have committed murder should be executed.

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