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Colby has a compact build, and is quite strongThey sold their van, and bought a compact car after their children grew up.

Colby has a compact build, and is quite strong.

These new compact digital cameras can fit in a shirt pocket.

Don't walk on the garden or you will compact the soil.

If you compact the trash, you will get a lot more in the dumpster.

They used a machine to compact the earth before pouring the asphalt for the new road.

Krista always carries a compact with her to touch up her make-up when necessary.

A rhinoceros horn is not made of ivory or bone, but is made of compacted hair.

A blue whale has a tongue the size of a compact car.

Compact discs, or CDs, were co-founded by a Japanese and a Dutch company in 1979.

Limited by its island site, Montreal is a compact city of apartments and renters.

The jaguar has a compact body, a broad head and powerful jaws.

Oxford is a compact city, with most of the colleges and university buildings all within easy walking distance.

Many of England's historic towns are quite compact, and can be easily visited on foot.

Find someone who owns a compact car.

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