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I wanted $100 for my bicycle, and he offered me $50, so we eventually compromised at $75It is going to be difficult to find a compromise between the two groups because their needs are so different.

I wanted $100 for my bicycle, and he offered me $50, so we eventually compromised at $75.

This government seems to compromise on everything. I don't understand why they don't stick to their principles.

Listen, why don't we compromise? Neither of us feels like washing the dishes, so let's each do half of them.

Cuba was hoping for almost a billion dollars in aid, but eventually the government had to compromise at $750 million.

In a marriage, you frequently have to make compromises with your partner in order to get along.

Following the war, the King followed a policy of compromise, pardoning his former enemies and releasing all the soldiers taken as prisoners.

The President has stated that there can be no negotiation and no compromise with the terrorists responsible for the attack on the Embassy.

The union is warning that if a compromise cannot be reached during today's talks, there will be a strike.

The Princess was photographed in a compromising position with her former lover.

The party must not compromise its ideals on this issue.

We are trying to teach our children that they sometimes need to make compromises with their friends when they both want different things.

Ludwig Erhard once said that a compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.

Phyllis McGinley once said that compromise is what makes nations great, and marriages happy.

Someone once stated that peace won by the compromise of principles is a short-lived achievement.

A wise man once observed that many things are worse than defeat, and compromise with evil is one of them.

We will never reach an agreement unless we both compromise.

Discussion question: Some people say that in a conflict, men usually try to get their own way, whereas women try to reach a compromise. Do you agree?

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