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You need to make sure that your essay has a proper introduction and conclusionThe detective was able to conclude that the apparent suicide was, in fact, a murder.

You need to make sure that your essay has a proper introduction and conclusion.

DNA evidence has provided conclusive proof of the identity of the killer.

The results of the study were inconclusive; we're going to have to look at this again.

I can only conclude that you knew you were doing something wrong because you have not come up with any satisfactory explanation for your behavior.

Over the years, I've come to the sad conclusion that Ted will never be able to have a long-term relationship with a woman.

At the conclusion of the performance, all the children will meet on stage to have their picture taken.

Mahatma Gandhi once said I came to the conclusion long ago that all religions were true, and also that all had some error in them.

The conclusion of the story was a little disappointing, but in general the book was pretty good.

The governor made a few concluding remarks, and left the room.

The only animals other than man that scientists can conclusively say have color vision are monkeys and apes.

When giving a presentation, have a special, alternate conclusion ready to use in case you run out of time.

If you are giving a speech, remember that if you conclude five minutes early, your audience will be quite happy, but if you conclude five minutes late, they may be angry or impatient.

The American Psychological Association has concluded that viewing violence on TV promotes aggressive behavior in children.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong say a new genetic sequencing of the SARS virus proves conclusively that it came from animals.

Brent and I both looked at the same information, but came up with very different conclusions about how to solve the problem.

Herb always concludes his speeches with a quote from Martin Luther King.

The experiment ended inconclusively, without any clear evidence to support the hypothesis.

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