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Be sure to consult with your doctor immediately if your condition changes at allI'll have to consult with my boss before I make a decision this important.

Be sure to consult with your doctor immediately if your condition changes at all.

I wish you had consulted with me before deciding to change everything.

The referees are in consultation to decide what penalties to give to the fighting players.

Even English teachers have to consult their dictionaries sometimes to find out what a word means.

If we can't reach an agreement with the landlord over who should pay for the damage done by the fire, we may need to consult a lawyer.

There is a Romanian proverb which states that if you want good advice, consult an old man.

He worked in a bank for about 35 years, and then became a financial consultant after he retired.

I need to consult with my teacher about my presentation.

During an average year, the directory assistance Yellow Pages are consulted more than 17 billion times.

Ed Finkelstein once suggested that a consultant is someone who takes your watch away to tell you what time it is.

Our company has hired a group of consultants who are supposed to find ways to improve overall efficiency.

She regularly consults her horoscope, but just for fun. She doesn't really believe any of it.

We are consulting a lawyer to find out if we can prevent our neighbor from raising his house because it would totally block our view of the ocean.

His financial consultancy business is doing very well. He has a growing number of prestigious clients, and is getting quite a good reputation.

After numerous consultations with a palm reader, she decided to quit her job, leave her husband, cut off her hair, and become a yoga teacher.

She works purely in a consultative capacity at a local computing firm.

Discussion question: Who would you consult if you wanted advice about your marriage or your job, and why?

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