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Dozens of people in the town of Walkerton fell ill after the local water supply became contaminated with EThe city's water supply became contaminated when an animal fell in, and drowned.

Dozens of people in the town of Walkerton fell ill after the local water supply became contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

The water here could be contaminated, so you should boil it before drinking it.

We are exposed to a horrifying array of contaminants in our air, food and water.

The river has been contaminated with waste from a large-scale farming operation located nearby.

The contamination of the town of Chernobyl by the nuclear power plant there will take decades to clean up.

The food became contaminated with bacteria from spoiled meat.

A housefly can transport germs as far as 15 miles away from the original source of contamination.

The positive atmosphere in the office was contaminated by the new secretary, who was a very negative, disagreeable person.

You should always boil your water when you go camping because it could be contaminated.

Much of the soil in the southern region of Belarus has been contaminated by the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl.

Since the explosion of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, one fifth of the total landmass of Belarus has become a zone of radioactive contamination.

Many of the rural wells of Moldova are either drying up or are contaminated with minerals or bacteria.

According to a popular travel guide, aside from the possibility of contaminated drinking water in remote areas, Lesotho is a fairly safe place to visit, health-wise.

In 1957, nuclear wastes stored by the Soviet Union in a remote mountain region of the Urals exploded: radioactive contamination affected thousands of square miles, and several villages had to be permanently evacuated.

Many diseases are spread by contaminated food.

Indoor air pollution is caused by an accumulation of contaminants that come primarily from inside the building, although some originate outdoors.

Used batteries are the main source of lead contamination in the world.

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