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Suspicions of widespread corruption in government have resulted in the downfall of the presidencyThe former president was obviously corrupt, and is accused of having stolen millions of dollars from the country.

Suspicions of widespread corruption in government have resulted in the downfall of the presidency.

There is a lot of corruption in the police force, so you can usually avoid arrest by simply paying a bribe.

Distribution of medical supplies to the refugees is being complicated by corruption among the local authorities.

The President has been forced to resign, and is facing charges of corruption going back five years.

You can take anything over the border as long as you pay the price because the customs officials are so corrupt.

Bribery and corruption are considered normal business practices in many countries throughout the world.

There are scandals and corruption in governments all over the world.

Tacitus once said that the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

Benjamin Disraeli once observed that when men are pure, laws are useless, and when men are corrupt, laws are broken.

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that a man can never be perfect in a hundred years, but he may become corrupt in less than a day.

When the rebel forces of Nicaragua finally toppled the corrupt Somoza government, they knew they had the support of thousands of Nicaraguans of all classes.

For many decades, corrupt government officials drained public funds in Haiti.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is in a state of near bankruptcy due to years of widespread corruption at all levels of government.

The Catholic Church became increasingly materialistic and corrupt during the fifteenth century.

In 1971, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was found guilty of corrupt election practices, but refused to resign.

A recent study stated that corrupt political elites and greedy business people in the developing world are putting private gain before the welfare of citizens and the economic development of their countries.

Mary Wollstonecraft once observed, The two sexes mutually corrupt and improve each other.

In the 1400s, the scandalous and corrupt life of the higher clergy in Europe began to draw sharp criticism.

Paul Wolfowitz once noted that corruption drains resources and discourages investments; it benefits the privileged and deprives the poor.

Most Christian chant began in the Middle Ages, but it has been kept alive since that time, if often in corrupt versions.

Discussion question: Is government corruption a problem in your country?

Find someone who comes from a country where government corruption is a problem.

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