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My wife always steals all the covers in bed, so I always wake up in the middle of the night feeling coldShe covered her face and began to cry.

My wife always steals all the covers in bed, so I always wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold.

We'd better cover up the food until we start eating; otherwise, the flies will get into it.

The cake had a chocolate icing covered with strawberries.

When the victim was found by the police, he was covered in blood.

I want to go to my son's hockey game tomorrow night. Can you cover my 5:00 to midnight shift for me?

Women are expected to cover their heads in public in some countries.

The airforce provided cover for the army as they launched their land attack.

The children all ran for cover when it began to rain.

There is very little cover for animals living in the desert.

Their insurance policy didn't cover the damage which resulted from the earthquake.

We need to make sure we are covered in case of illness while we're travelling overseas.

Medications are not covered by your health insurance policy.

We need to increase our coverage for property damage in the event of a fire.

The CBC's coverage of the Olympic games was very good.

The textbook only covers basic grammar points, such as the past and present simple tenses.

He has written an excellent book which covers American history from the earliest days until the present era.

Her lecture covered all the latest research on the topic.

He is the chief reporter covering the story.

The trial is being covered by media from around the world.

You have to pay an additional $5 to cover the cost of mailing the goods to you.

She was on the cover of Time magazine three times.

The cover of the magazine showed a number of fashion supermodels without their makeup.

The company will give you some money to cover your costs during the conference.

The art on rock music album covers is often quite interesting.

The country covers a total area of over 1,725 square kilometers.

Please attach a cover letter introducing yourself with your resum-.

The young boy covered the walls of his room with the awards he had won in sports and at school.

Someone once joked that baldheaded people should remember that when God made heads, He covered up the ones He didn't like.

We barely made enough money to cover our costs in our first year of business.

By the time the snowstorm had finished, the city was covered in over three feet of snow.

The lions were all chewing on the zebra, their faces covered in blood.

A report in 1990 stated that 40% of Guatemala's forest cover had been lost since 1960.

The children were covered in dirt after playing outside all afternoon.

Make sure you put out the fire and cover it with dirt before going to bed.

Japanese women generally cover their mouth when laughing.

Japan covers four different climate zones, from the tropics of Okinawa to the snow country of the far north.

One fifth of the Earth's land surface is covered with deserts.

More than 2,500 cover versions of The Beatles' Yesterday exist, making it the most recorded song in history.

An American journalist covering the war has been kidnapped by rebel soldiers.

The streets were covered in a fresh layer of snow.

The top of the cake is covered with whipped cream and strawberries.

Tropical rainforests cover about 85% of the main island of Papua New Guinea.

The huge body of a gorilla is covered with a thick coat of coarse black hair.

The media coverage of the Olympics was very extensive.

Social issues receive very little coverage in the right-wing media.

During migration, geese may cover up to 600 miles per day.

To receive medical coverage, you must pay a monthly fee.

The little girl's arms were covered in scratches from her new kitten.

You can get extra insurance coverage for an additional $5 a month.

The soldiers ran for cover as an enemy tank rumbled up the street towards them.

The website covers topics such as water safety and basic first aid.

Bobby was up until late last night, reading his book under the covers with his flashlight.

Margaret Cho once said that love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida, covers more than twice as much area as the island of Manhattan, New York.

Actress Pamela Anderson has been on the cover of Playboy magazine more times than any other woman.

A Chinese proverb notes that he who covers up his mistakes intends to make some more.

An English proverb notes, Don't judge a book by its cover.

A Jamaican proverb suggests that clothes cover up character.

A Swiss proverb observes that marriage is a covered dish.

An old proverb notes that physicians' faults are covered with earth, and rich men's with money.

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