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We have to give her a lot of credit for our successHe buys everything on credit; he never pays cash for anything.

We have to give her a lot of credit for our success.

My wife can't get credit from the bank because she is self-employed and, as such, is considered too much of a risk.

My bank has credited my account with the amount that was mistakenly charged to us without reason.

Mikhail Gorbachev is credited with helping to bring about the end of communism in Europe.

Isabel did all the work, but her boss took all the credit for the project.

Her credit rating went down because she didn't make her monthly payments on her new car.

Arnold Glasgow once said that a good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.

There is a Yiddish proverb that notes that if the pupil is smart, the teacher gets the credit.

The Roman gourmet Apicius is credited with writing one of the first cookbooks.

Kobo Daishi is credited with inventing kana, the phonetic writing system of Japan.

We will credit your account for the amount you paid for the computer you returned to us.

In January of 1976, Britain applied for credit of almost 1 billion pounds from the International Monetary Fund.

In life, you can't take all the credit when things are going well, so you shouldn't have to take all the blame when they go badly.

An industrialist by the name of Oskar Schindler is credited with saving the lives of about 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

The nation of Botswana has been ranked as the best credit risk in Africa.

Harry Truman once suggested that it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia are credited with the invention of writing in the 4th millennium B.C.

People usually take credit for actions which produce favorable outcomes, but blame the situation when their actions are questionable or lead to failure.

The President credits his bodyguard for saving his life, after the man jumped in front of a person who had pulled out a gun.

Creditors who invested in the troubled company will receive only pennies on each dollar they are owed.

The bank has credited my account with the $20 they mistakenly charged me for a bad check that was actually from someone else's account.

We are crediting your credit card account with the value of your refund.

Police are crediting the quick action of a local man with saving the lives of three young children trapped in a burning house.

Discussion question: Do you prefer to pay in cash or on credit?

Find someone who has bought something on credit.

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