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Example Sentences for "criticise"

Television reporters always criticize the governmentShe was criticized for not finishing the project on time.

Television reporters always criticize the government.

The student thought that the teacher's criticism was too harsh.

David Ben-Gurion once said that the test of democracy is freedom of criticism.

Actress Katherine Hepburn once said, If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.

Christopher Hampton once joked that asking a writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost how it feels about dogs.

A wise man once said, Don't mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it. If it is unfair, keep from irritation. It if is ignorant, smile. If it is justified, learn from it.

There is a Swiss proverb which observes that it is easier to criticize than to do better.

There is a French proverb which observes that children have more need of models than critics.

Science has discovered that negative events, such as being criticized at work, weaken the human immune function for one day.

Although Yemen disapproved of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the government also strongly criticized the presence of foreign troops in Saudi Arabia.

My boss always criticizes everything I do; nothing is good enough for that guy.

I wish you would stop criticizing me; I'm doing the best I can.

He criticized us for not working hard enough.

In the 1400s, the scandalous and corrupt life of the higher clergy in Europe began to draw sharp criticism.

Discussion question: Is it helpful for children if we criticize them when they make mistakes?

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