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The guy is really crude, so the women in the office really hate himAn oil refinery serves to make gasoline from crude oil.

The guy is really crude, so the women in the office really hate him.

The prisoner made a crude weapon out of parts from his bed frame.

The crudely made bomb exploded in the marketplace, killing its maker and two others.

I don't want you boys using that kind of crude language in class.

His crude remarks often make those around him uncomfortable.

People originally found the art of Vincent Van Gogh to be childlike and crude.

Their music CDs often have a warning label attached because of their famously crude lyrics.

Tom has only a very crude notion of how the stock market works.

The prisoners were able to escape from the island prison in a crudely made boat.

Robinson Crusoe made a crude shelter out of tree branches for his first night on the island.

A recent report shows that domestic crude production has dropped by almost three percent.

Crude oil prices are currently about 34 percent higher than a year ago.

His crudeness often gets him into trouble because many people are offended by the language he uses.

He made a crude remark about how big her breasts were, so she slapped him, and ran crying out of the room.

Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians invented a crude form of toothpaste, using a mixture of wine and pumice.

Hikers found some crude paintings of animals painted on the walls of the cave.

Today, a lone terrorist with a crude nuclear bomb can threaten or kill tens of thousands of people in a single act of destruction.

The book only offers a crude contrast between good and evil.

Someone once noted that the stone age was marked by man's clever use of crude tools, whereas the information age has been marked by man's crude use of clever tools.

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