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I think it's awfully cruel to leave a dog in the house all day by itselfThe children were very cruel to the little boy, hitting him, and calling him names until he started to cry.

I think it's awfully cruel to leave a dog in the house all day by itself.

She treats her dog really cruelly. She never takes it for walks, and is always yelling at it.

The cruelty to animals in many large farming operations has led to widespread protest.

She is so cruel to her boyfriend. She is always threatening to leave him, and telling him how attractive other guys are.

Legislation protects all lab animals from cruelty or mistreatment.

My children had a pet bird, but we finally gave it away because they thought it was too cruel to keep it in a cage.

Many people think it is cruel to keep a killer whale in an aquarium.

A composer once said that music is cruel, with its beauty of loneliness and of pain, of strength and freedom.

Leo Buscaglia once observed that only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.

There is a Syrian proverb which states that it is cruelty to the innocent not to punish the guilty.

There is a Russian proverb which states that when Anger and Revenge get married, their daughter is called Cruelty.

In the 17th century, the people of Togo were subjected to what has been called the cruellest slave trade in history.

By 1907, Uruguay had a law permitting women to sue for divorce on the basis of cruelty.

Under a new law in Canada, those found guilty of intentional cruelty to animals will face up to five years in jail, and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Discussion question: Do you think it is cruel to keep wild animals in zoos?

Find someone who thinks keeping birds in a cage is cruel.

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