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I have learned a lot about the culture of China from my studentsIn the culture of Japan, people bow to each other when they meet.

I have learned a lot about the culture of China from my students.

He is quite interested in the culture of Turkey.

In my culture, the elderly are treated with great respect.

Much of popular culture for teenagers is shared by youth the world over.

The work culture in this country is quite confrontational in its relations between management and labor.

Body language varies from culture to culture.

My neighbor's daughter went on a cultural exchange to Korea, and really enjoyed it.

The U.S. and Canada are culturally quite similar.

What food you find delicious or disgusting is often culturally determined.

Everyone in my ESL class brought cultural items from their country to show and discuss with the other students.

The Day of the Dead in Mexico is a fascinating cultural event.

Cam is a very cultured man, and loves opera, classical music and the theater.

In my science class, we grew a culture of mold on a piece of bread.

The bacteria culture that we examined under the microscope was actually quite beautiful to look at.

The doctor took a swab of cells from his tongue to culture in the lab in order to make a diagnosis of the disease.

England is a multicultural country in which immigrants from different countries are encouraged to preserve their language and traditions.

The government of this country promotes a policy of multiculturalism by supporting cultural groups through various programs.

Allen Ginsberg once stated that whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.

Ishael Reed once claimed that we learn about one another's culture the same way we learn about sex: in the streets.

Konrad Lorenz once said that humor and knowledge are the two great hopes of our culture.

Carl Bernstein once suggested that for the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norms, even our cultural ideal.

Kate Millet once remarked that because of our social circumstances, male and female are really two cultures, and their life experiences are utterly different.

George Bellows once stated that all civilization and culture are the results of the creative imagination or artist quality in man.

Sonny Rollins once remarked that America is deeply rooted in Negro culture.

Sonia Sanchez once noted that art reacts to or reflects the culture it springs from.

The children's string game Cat's Cradle is one of the most universal games in the world, played in almost every culture, from the Maoris of New Zealand, to the Inuit, and people in Africa.

The drug culture in Amsterdam is quite widespread.

MacDonald's restaurants offer different dishes in its restaurants throughout the world to reflect the tastes of the local culture.

The city of Manhattan is considered by many to be one of the world's most important commercial, financial, and cultural centers.

Kwanzaa is a holiday which is celebrated by black people, and which features seven basic symbols which represent values and concepts reflective of African culture.

Cultured Christmas trees are frequently pruned as they grow to produce a fuller shape.

Peter the Great of Russia believed that beards on men showed a lack of culture, so in 1698, he put a high tax on beards.

The three most popular names for boys in Hispanic culture are Juan, Carlos, and Manuel.

The first stage of adjustment to life in a new culture begins before the travelers even leave home.

In many cultures, people pray to their ancestors every day.

One of the most interesting parts of my job is meeting people from different cultures.

The former U.S.S.R. was made up of 15 republics with strong cultural differences.

Korea has been conquered by outsiders many times during its 4000 years of history, but has always kept its cultural identity.

The school put on a special cultural evening in which all the students wore the traditional costumes of their country.

To understand Iraqi culture, it is important to study the religion of Islam.

People in some cultures never kiss and cuddle in public.

We saw a wonderful exhibition of Mexican folk dancing at last week's cultural presentation.

The cultural evolution of man can be seen in cave paintings and carvings from about 28,000 years ago.

Ted teaches English to new immigrants down at the cultural center.

His grandmother told him the old legends of their culture when he was a child.

The behavior of very young children is almost the same across cultures.

It is important to be respectful of other cultures even if you don't always understand their values or traditions.

The eagle is a sacred animal in many North American Indian cultures.

Someone once said that war has long been the most successful of our cultural traditions.

Lord Raglan once joked that culture is roughly anything we do, and the monkeys don't.

He is an uncultured slob, with no social graces whatsoever.

Discussion question: What parts of your culture do you think foreigners might find difficult getting used to?

Discussion question: Talk about a traditional wedding ceremony in your culture.

Discussion question: Describe the traditional national costume of your culture.

Discussion question: You are creating a cultural display with ten things which show your culture. What ten things would you choose?

Discussion question: Describe a popular festival from your culture.

Discussion question: What body language have you noticed in this culture that is different from your culture?

Discussion question: What are the ingredients of a favorite dish from your culture?

Discussion question: What things have you found it difficult to get used to in this culture?

Find someone who has attended a cultural event in this country.

Find someone who has participated in a cultural festival in the past six months.

Find someone who has worn traditional clothing from his/her culture.

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