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I wiped out on my bicycle when my front wheel bumped against the curb while I was riding homeHe was almost hit by a car when he stepped off the curb without looking.

I wiped out on my bicycle when my front wheel bumped against the curb while I was riding home.

He parked the car with one wheel up on the curb.

If we don't do something to curb spending, we are going to run out of money very soon.

If we want to see the parade, we should go early, so we can find a place to sit on the curb.

Don't ride your bicycle too close to the curb because if you bump it with your front wheel, you may fall over.

The old woman fell and broke her hip when she tripped over the curb after getting off the bus.

The government is looking for ways to curb rising health costs in our state.

The government needs to take measures to curb violent crime.

The National Council on the Handicapped notes that a curb is a wall to a handicapped person.

The government has begun a new campaign aimed at curbing smoking among teens.

You should learn to curb your anger before you have a heart attack.

Marjorie needs to curb her expensive tastes because she is getting seriously into debt.

Brazil's government wants to curb Amazon destruction and the land battles that are harming its image abroad.

A Chinese proverb advises, Use power to curb power.

Will Rogers once noted that we can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb, and clap as they go by.

Selma Fraiberg once stated that a two-year-old can be taught to curb his aggressions completely if the parents employ strong enough methods.

Schools need to do more to educate our children in order to help curb the rising racist sentiment in our country.

Exploitation of child labour in the developing world can only be curbed if consumers in the industrialized nations refuse to buy products made in sweatshops.

The government is proposing a number of cutbacks to various budgets to curb increases to the deficit.

She needs to learn to curb her temper if she hopes to move into senior management in this company.

The government has announced a curfew in an attempt to curb the violence which is plaguing the capital city.

Increased patrols by police and the military have failed to curb attacks on American troops in the region.

Discussion question: How do you feel about government cutbacks to social programs as a means of curbing the deficit?

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