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Example Sentences for "damp"

Benula's hair was damp from walking outside in the falling snowMy mother always told me not to go to bed with damp hair, or I could catch a cold.

Benula's hair was damp from walking outside in the falling snow.

The clothes in the dryer are still damp, so you'd better turn it on for another 15 minutes or so.

The school nurse put a damp cloth on the young child's forehead to help bring down his fever.

We wiped the picnic table with a damp cloth before setting out the food.

The cold and damp of Boston in the winter time really bothers my grandmother's arthritis.

The dampness of the basement made it smell funny.

I don't want to dampen your spirits, but don't you think you should wait a bit and look around rather than buying the first car you see?

Someone once said you must never let your energy and enthusiasm be dampened by the discouragement that always comes.

Our basement gets damp and cold during the winter because of all the rain we get.

Come inside out of the rain and take off those damp clothes before you catch a cold.

In Santiago, Chile, temperatures rarely reach the freezing point in winter, though it can often be cold and damp.

The climate of the central lowlands of the Republic of Georgia is hot and damp, and well suited to growing tea and citrus fruits.

The potato was the perfect vegetable for Ireland, growing rapidly in its damp, cloudy weather.

A strong Canadian dollar is having a dampening effect on economic growth in that country, due to its dependence on exports.

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