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We will need to examine a lot more data before we can make any conclusionsHe works inputting data into a computer all day.

We will need to examine a lot more data before we can make any conclusions.

The most recent period for which data is available is between March and July.

They have a lot of data, but they don't have an organized system to use it or analyze it.

He just sits at a desk all day inputting data into a computer.

Gerry has created a vocabulary database which looks at essential English vocabulary in context.

You need to examine a lot more data before you can reach any conclusion.

Marshall McLuhan once said that the more the data banks record about each one of us, the less we exist.

Heinrich W. Brandes made the first weather map in 1815, based on data gathered in 1783.

Analysis of data is a difficult and complicated process.

According to advertising data, nearly 80 percent of Japanese ads use celebrities, the majority being local stars.

Studies show that thirty-two percent of computer data loss cases are due to human error.

In 1996, data sent back by the Galileo space probe indicated there may be water on one of Jupiter's moons.

The nation of Burma has been described as data poor, and official statistics are often dated and inaccurate.

Computer hard disks can store much greater amounts of data than floppy disks.

A computer virus is a form of software which can infect your system, and potentially destroy your data.

Once observations are complete, the data need to be organized and summarized into a form that allows for interpretation.

The Internet was born in 1969 when researchers linked two computers using a 15-foot cable, testing a new way for exchanging data over networks.

Scientists did not have enough data to present a clear picture of the regional characteristics of the ocean floor until about fifty years ago.

Colin Powell once said that experts often possess more data than judgment.

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